Friday, 31 August 2012

Days 35 & 36 - "The Chunk" - August 29/30th

The Chunk?  This is the 7 day blat across the north pacific from Japan to Alaska.  Seas are very smooth and the weather is getting cooler but so far, still with decent sunshine each day.  The constant 1 hour a day forward means we tend to sleep latish, but that is fine. We don’t have to get up early anyway.  We did get a note on our beds informing us that we do indeed have a novo virus on board and reminding us that we must observe good hygiene practices, so the stricter regime continues.

Morning trivia continues with scores of around 12 to 14 and some may have noticed that we are not bowling as much these days – if at all.  The timing shift hasn’t worked and the format has changed as we preferred the straight knock outs.  The team bowling usually means just one roll, having queued up for ages, as it is still very popular.

On the Wednesday (day 35) we went to comedy juggler Jeff Bradley (from either USA or Canada) and enjoyed it.  Not too much juggling other than the famous W. C. Fields 11 cigar box act which he did very well, but fake knives through the arm had a few wincing.

After a dinner for six of us, we went to the theatre to American vocal impressionist Tony pace.  What a great show and a standing ovation too.  We then retired to the atrium for a late hot chocolate and Tony appeared, just watching all the dancers enjoying themselves.  I went over and thanked him for the show and he came over and joined four of us and then Alana joined us.  What a really nice guy he is too.

After a discussion on feedback regarding entertainers, Alana told us of one cruise they were on where they had an official complaint.  Seems that one guy complained that he wanted to join in the Karaoke but some blonde woman hogged the mike all night.  Her singing wasn’t too bad but he was upset that he didn’t get a go. It was Alana of course and it is not Karaoke!

Clock an hour again for August 29th.


August 30th was much the same other than it was formal night.  Although I ordered the lobster and monkfish as my second course, I didn’t care much for the look of the lobster (a bit too much black on the flesh) so I sent it back.

Quiz time with Alan & Alana and with one lady joining us and adding to our musical knowledge, we finished second.  We stayed chatting to Boris and Roma (both Polish) until very late which - was later still by the time the clocks were put BACK 23 hours, so it means that tomorrow is August 30th – again.  In fact it was about 1:50am before it was lights out.  

So, don’t think I have gone loopy by dating tomorrow’s as August 30th again.


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