Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 9 - Back at sea - August 3rd

After a light late breakfast (well, a light coloured waffle with light coloured cream...) we headed down to the atrium where earlier on, they had a couple of ATM type machines, where you could put in your cruise card and it would print out a statement giving your current cruise balance.  They seem to have disappeared, so we asked at the front desk what had happened to them.

“Some genius forgot to order the paper for them...”

Anyway, they printed out our statement and we were expecting a $600 OBC (on board credit).  What it showed was zero.  We had to call on Angus again where he naturally enough asked if we had written proof.  Nope!  Ho hum.  More correspondence between the front desk and head office will now ensue.  We are pretty sure that the OBC was agreed when we booked, but once again, having proof of everything appears to be the key.

Angus did confirm that Paula’s request had been actioned and also that our cabin for the Europe trip next year has been locked in.  No doubt it will be and we suspect that one of the reasons we were shunted this time, was that we had cut back to a half cruise which makes you more vulnerable to the “for operational reasons” mantra.

Once again we went to a Col (Retd)  “Fuzz” lecture, this time all about flying the U2 spy planes.  Being strapped into a pressure suit for a ten hour stint, doesn’t sound like my sort of working day at all.

After a quick lunch of soup and crumbed prawns, with a Jo/proxy hug for Neil, we went to the afternoon movie “Double” with Richard Gere.  A good turn out with only  a few empty seats in the theatre.

We skipped the tea dance after all, but did do the quiz, which had been relocated to the Wheelhouse Bar.  As we had to sit on the floor, our team name today was “Sore Bums”.  A biased Aussie quiz today though, with 5 Aus questions and an extra two points up for grabs if you could name the Australian Gold medal winners from the 200? Winter Games.  We couldn’t, but ended up with 15/22.  The winners got 19.

Nice dinner again with banana flambé for dessert.

It was a toss-up between another Don Ware comedy show in the Vista or a song and dance act in the theatre.  We opted for the latter – Wayne Scott Kermond.  A good performance, but not really my sort of act. 

A few dances in the atrium and again, it was a bit quieter than usual.

Clocks back 30 minutes again tonight, making it 3 hours now behind Auckland. That also means that sending emails after 2pm on a Friday may not reach the recipients who use work emails, until Monday morning.

Paula’s birthday tomorrow...  Tee hee.  That means I am no longer a cradle snatcher.            


  1. Oh thanks for my proxy hug..... I just love seeing his face in your pictures.... I miss the boys so much..... Did you find out what ship Watchara is on now....

  2. So great to see Neal's smiling face again - please give him another big hug from me xxxx Ros