Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 22 - A wettish day - at sea - but who cares? August 16th

Fortunately, it appears that I must have logged out successfully last night as I still had minutes left!  So far I have used about 300 of the 1,000 allocated between us.
After a decent sleep I seemed to be awake quite early and lay around for a while, not wanting to put the TV on for the Wake Show.  Now the staff on board know that most people on board may well want a bit of a lie in, so I was somewhat surprised to hear the vacuum cleaner going out in the corridor at 7:30am.  Sure enough, that is what my NEW £2 ASDA travel alarm said. When I double checked with my older flat alarm and my watch, it was in fact 9:25am!
We dived out as we wanted to go to the Beijing port lecture at 9:45, so it was breakfast afterwards with M & M.  To be truthful, this was more like brunch, as by the time we had finished and (I had succumbed to a bacon & fried onion sandwich in addition to the healthy muesli/yoghurt/raspberry parfait), one side of the buffet had already started serving lunch!
Paula was really suffering from the long, hot walk yesterday and was happy to do virtually nothing, as she had aching legs, feet, knees etc.,  even using the lifts for a change.
Once again, I couldn’t get any internet access to my emails but did manage to send.
Back to the atrium for a coffee about 3:30 and we were conned by M & M to have a go at the putting competition.  Unlike most competitions, with just one winner, everyone who managed to putt through the “hole” qualified for a glass of champagne and had three attempts before going  to the back of the queue for another go.  The competition lasted until all four bottles of champagne had been emptied.
I managed successfully on my second putt and Paula her first, though hers was belting shot that would have gone about 50 yards if Kim hadn’t intercepted it!
A rather miserable 9/20 for the quiz just wasn’t good enough, though the winners only managed 14.
We went to the early  show in the Vista lounge, an English comic, Paul Adams.  I don’t know what it is with some of these audiences, but they seem very slow to warm to a performer they haven’t seen before.  We enjoyed his show and his material was fresh with no reliance on old cruise ship jokes that most have heard many times before.  We writes his own material and skips around a bit which is far preferable to the lazy ones who are just word perfect but rely on the same material show after show, season after season.
Surf and turf for dinner was enjoyable and Mal has requested a jacket potato each night – I think I might just do the same.
The late show was an American banjo player – Jim Coston.  A very good show indeed as he keeps most numbers down to three minutes and plays a good variety of tunes.  I think the only vocal was a George Formby classic.
Back to the Atrium for Alana & Alana where there were still several people around at 11:30pm when they finished.
A late night as we were just chatting afterwards and bed – 12:40am.  No rush as another sea day tomorrow before our first true port of call in China.  Apparently, Hong Kong doesn’t count, as they still stand apart from mainland China in many respects.

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