Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 14 - Back to sea - August 8th

After the essential refuelling, we went to the port lecture on Hong Kong.  We have never been before so this was a good start for us even though we are doing a ship’s tour.  However, this is a 10:30pm departure and the harbour light’s show looks interesting.

A short coffee break before we returned to the theatre for another U2 lecture from Frank Furr.  It supposedly concentrated on the lighter side but his delivery is such that telling funny stories is not really his forte.

Just a bowl of soup for lunch continuing a light day.

It was a light day in the intelligence department too, with a quiz score of just 12/20.  Top score was only 14, so we didn’t do too badly.  Just for a change, they had an early show in the vista lounge at 6:30, comedian Don Ware, who basically recycled a mix of his 1st  and 2nd  shows.  I continue to be amazed that so many performers (especially a comedy writer) cannot come up with more than 2 hours worth of material.  For a musician, needing band scores for each orchestra musician is one thing, but someone just talking or performing, really has no excuse.

Once again and excellent dinner with an Italian slant. Eggplant parmiagana (sp) was an excellent starter followed by spicy prawns and then a hearty Italian beef chuck steak stew.  The almond sweet biscuit selection was beautifully fresh and totally irresistible, so the original intention of skipping dessert went by the board.

Back to that theatre yet again, for a Rod Stewart impersonator, Morgan Kent.  A pretty good show with a mix of patter and song, but from all accounts, this is another performer who can do two shows only.

Although we returned to the atrium until late, we didn’t dance much.  Clocks back another hour tonight but two land days coming up, so this is where I start falling behind!  First we have Ko Samui in Thailand, where we had such a pleasant stop last year, but there is not a lot else for us to see, so it will be a tender boat to the town, a wander and a ride back.  


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