Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 25 - A lazy day at sea yet again - August 19th

Thankfully, Paula had an excellent sleep and was feeling much better.  We decided to breakfast after the port lecture on Busan (was Pusan) in Korea.  As always, a well presented lecture after which, we headed for the food with M & M.

I missed seeing the parfait this time, so settled for beans, sausage and also chorizo sausage – then I found the parfait, so a larger than usual breakfast.

We opted for a really lazy day (again...) so this gave me chance to catch up with writing the previous day’s blog, (which I couldn’t upload as the connection kept dropping out) then start to transfer the video footage of Jim Coston’s show and also the colourful Shanghai sailaway.  If the connection speed was better and more reliable, I could upload part of it to the blog.

A slightly earlier lunch at 2pm which was just soup (a very nice cream of ratatouille) plus one spoonful of pasta and a couple of hunks of pineapple.

Paula then sat out on the sheltered back deck for a while whilst I continued transferring footage, which is quite slow.

Our routine lower (5th floor) atrium coffee before the quiz where it seems that team member Tony has the same quirky fascination with collating on board whale photographs as I have.  Quite what we will do with them is anyone’s guess, but mine may well find their way into our spoof video.  I am already avidly collecting as many pics as I can of the “Ralp Lauren” polo shirts...

Anyway, the quiz score was round about our usual score with 12/20.

Now formal nights can be a mixed blessing as getting dressed up means that so many people scrub up well.  The down side is that it seem that the laundry must have shrunk my white shirt a tad.  I struggled to fasten the collar, so a new white shirt may be on the shopping list before next year.  The sleeves also seem a bit short.

Terri & Alex joined us as they are the only ones on their table and we had two spaces.  Rob & Sharon returned to the table for their last formal night, as they get off at Beijing (Tianjin) but we have never ever seen number’s 7 & 8.  Daryl and Sue in passing, showed us their dance trophy and written citation for coming second, with comments from the ‘judges’ as to why they didn’t come first, such as hogging the dance floor and Darryl’s regular hand position on Sue’s behind!     

Lobster tails!  I was the only one to have them this time, as course 2, with everyone on the table settling for beef Wellington as their main course.  The previous lobster tails were a bit on the tough side, so many were put off trying them again.

As is usual on formal nights, there was a production show and we believe this is a new one -  “Tributes”.  This was the original production cast as we already have on board the next cast.  The show was as good as always though very light on backdrops.

We went on then to the atrium (7th floor) where Darryl and Sue were confused as Alan & Alana knew nothing about their trophy.  Then Alex and Terri turned up with name tags “Phantom Dance Judges” and all was revealed.

Loads of people dancing (you can always tell a sea day followed by another sea day, by the number still up late) until close down at 11:45.  We continued chatting to another couple, George and Helen, where it seems that George and I have a similar work involvement with improving productivity.  Plenty to chat about between now and San Francisco.  Bed very late at 12:25!

Another sea day ahead tomorrow before the changeover, or sector port, where 300 passengers are leaving and presumably the same number joining.  The chances are that we may well know a few and Pat & Mick from the 2011 cruise are joining us for dinner.  We are not sure whether or not the two absentees are getting off.

Incidentally, we have heard of some amazingly cheap deals for the San Francisco to Sydney leg, which are 30% cheaper than our one way airfare!  It means that last minute booking are ridiculously good value, but obviously, you need to be very flexible with your lifestyle.  With friends paying more for ten day’s cycling in France next year, I think we’d rather pay a lot less for 24 days on the Dawn!  Although 2013 dates are sorted, we are now keen to get 2014 pencilled in as soon as possible. 


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