Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 23 - Sea day - August 17th

With this day at sea also designated a lazy day, I don’t think this blog is going to be too long. (Sounds of rapturous applause from across the globe...)  One reason for that designation was that Paula still wasn’t quite 100%.

Between yet another very light breakfast and the fish buffet at lunch, we really didn’t do much.  That outdoor fish buffet didn’t really appeal after a walk down the line, so we ate inside instead.  We had fish...  A very nice, light, fresh breaded fish and also snapper. The pineapple has been very nice and ripe,  so we have usually had a fair bit of that too.

We managed Alana’s dance class – swing jive.  Nothing new, but we enjoyed it - and the exercise.  We stayed on with Darryl and Sue for the entertainment trivia – Movie Posters.  A good job Sue knows her stuff as we didn’t contribute a thing.  The usual afternoon coffee before yet another failed trivia attempt.  You do have to hand it to the entertainment staff, as there is always something to do.

Our pre dinner concert was guitarist George Sakellariou. Although technically excellent (he studied under Segovia), it wasn’t a riveting performance to be honest and we weren’t the only ones who thought the same.  We probably didn’t expect it to be so classically based.   We knew that M & M were hob-nobbing elsewhere for dinner and ended up as the honeymoon table (just two of us).

It was a busy evening in the main theatre and we went along to support the passenger choir for their concert but opted to skip the crew show and even Alan & Alana’s post choir session, for an earlier night than usual.

I even managed to upload a blog and hallelujah, read my emails.

Shanghai tomorrow and we don’t really know what to expect as we are newbies to China.  With 23 million people, thank goodness it is Saturday when we arrive.


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