Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 17 - At sea yet again - August 11th

A good night’s sleep and a leisurely day at sea.  What could be better?  A slight touch of the sniffles being kept at bay with Coldral, otherwise, all is good. Another very light breakfast (I have become rather partial to the raspberry parfait – yoghurt, raspberry sauce and topped with a nice toasted muesli). Once again, we met a new couple at breakfast and the chat lasted until after 10:30!

Another enrichment lecture on the Vietnam war, from an intelligence perspective then to the buffet for a very tasty cauliflower soup and bits from the tapas buffet, notably prawns and guacamole.

Although we had a full team for the quiz, it didn’t do us much good!  It was good to catch up with staff member Kim again who shared the honours with Marcos.

We then headed to the Atrium with M & M, ostensibly for a cuppa, but succumbed to the fresh chocolate cookies... As we have a long day tomorrow with a 7am meet, we elected to eat early at the buffet and catch the early show in the vista – illusionist and magician Ace McDermott.  I love these shows and they have me totally baffled.

After that, up to the atrium for Alan & Alana’s “Spooky Entertainment” quiz. We weren’t last, but we weren’t first either.  Along with many others I suspect, an early night, which for us meant 11:25pm.

Vietnam tomorrow.

Just as an aside on a quiet blog day, I was talking to an elderly couple a couple of nights ago in the atrium before we went in for second sitting dinner.  They had just come out from first sitting then come via the theatre.  We laughingly refer to MOB’s as Miserable Old B*gg*rs (or Bats) and whilst talking to the male half of this duo, he told us his wife was putting in yet another, written complaint.  We generally manage to totally avoid these negative people, so it was interesting to kill time for a few minutes.

Apparently this complaint is that by the time they get to the theatre, (early show) there is no seating left...  And whose fault is that I wonder?  As there are always seats at the 10pm show, we kindly suggested that they go then instead.

Oh no, we go to bed early...

Well why don’t you go to bed late and get up late then?

Oh no, we can’t do that.

Why not?

We like to get up early.

Why not get up late as we are usually at sea anyway?

We don’t want to do that.

So what do you want them to do?

Provide more seats in the theatre.

But they already have 700 and each show is on 4 times, so don’t you think you can work your days around that?


Talk about wanting the mountain to come to Mohammed.  You really can’t please some people, so our sympathies are nearly always with the cruise staff.

Maybe next year, our group (regardless of numbers) should be “The MOB”...

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