Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 28 - Weather retraction at sea - August 22nd

Sorry about the wrongly numbered day(!) on an earlier blog, but going into the blog to correct errors isn’t always easy.

After the usual light breakfast, Paula went off to Zumba with Teri and I retreated to the cabin to keep the blog up to date.  (See what I sacrifice for your benefit?)

I headed down again for morning trivia with Teri, Alex and Gayle.  We didn’t too well.

Buffet speciality today was “Parisienne” which for me meant pâté and cheese to go with the soup.  (I always thought the pâté was made on board.  It isn’t...  It is from the USA.)  Paula was unlucky, as by the time she headed back for the delicious looking crème brulee, they had cleared everything away.

We were able to spend the mid afternoon with the balcony door open as it was a fair bit cooler outside than of late, before heading down for coffee. 

Our quiz score could have been equal 1st on 17 but for a couple of questions where my (correct) guess wasn’t the chosen one!

Another formal night so I opted to leave the shrunken white shirt in the wardrobe where it will now stay and wore a collar and tie instead.

We opted for the “Duo Yalba” for entertainment.  Extremely talented with a massive range of instruments.  The 22 year old on guitar(s) was just amazing.  It meant we missed Carl Doy’s second concert.   Often a tough call with two good acts on at the same time. 

We didn’t do too much dancing and drifted away about 11:20 as I was a bit snuffly and decided that a Coldrex and bed was the best option.

Busan late morning tomorrow and another free shuttle to town.  It seems that it is often the local authorities who supply the free shuttles rather than Princess.  A good move as it does encourage cruisers into town to spend.


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