Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 32 - At sea yet again - August 26th

Thank goodness, a decent night’s sleep and I felt so much better for that!  Even though I felt almost back to normal, I stuck to the light regime of the parfait and orange juice – still no coffee...  The fog and mist from the night gradually lifted and it turned into a rather pleasant day.

After the morning trivia (no, we didn’t win) we headed for the atrium and I hit the coffee.  Felt much more normal after that.

Thane and Tony from our afternoon quiz team joined us and after a while I decided that I’d better try the on board salon for a long overdue haircut, but they couldn’t fit me in until 5:30.

Up to lunch and stuck to the excellent cauliflower soup and a couple of wedges of fresh pineapple.  Note how good I have been about avoiding the bread rolls?

Just for a change, we escaped the cabin, even with an open door, and laid out on the rear of deck 11, where I even managed a bit of colouring to my fair skin.

Up for the haircut and I had expected a charge of $39 so was pleasantly surprised to get a bill for $28AUD.  Double what I’d pay on land of course, but the lady (from Bulgaria) did do a very good job and seemed very grateful for the tip!  Paula was really pleased of course.

Dinner was a full table and I probably ate as much then as in the previous 2 days so normality has returned – almost, as the on board sickness is still causing a few problems.  Latest victim is Alan, so Alana did the “ABC” quiz on her own.  We joined George and Helen,  Bev & Lynne.  Boy, were George and Lynne quick!  We managed 24/26, but lost out again.  There is a team of academics who just have to win every quiz possible.  When will these people learn that trivia is a bit of fun for normal folk,  so if they really want to test their obvious superior knowledge, they could do it without handing in their papers?  Surely, there is a limit to how many cruise lanyards, magnets etc. they really need?  When people from the higher echelons of sport enter lower classes just to win medals, we class them as burglars or pot hunters and it all seems rather pointless to me.  The same applies to the ship quizzes.    

Although bedtime was after 12, the clocks this time are back 1 hour.

Another sea day ahead tomorrow before Yokohama (for Tokyo) where we will be doing a Princess tour.  Although we have never exactly put Japan at the top of our places to visit list, we are looking forward to this stop and it is the last of the ports where English isn’t the first language.

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