Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day 50 - The last sea day - Sep 13th

Although I had intended to revert to a light breakfast, I decided to make the most of what was on offer and hang the consequences. 
Paula failed to win the Bingo jackpot after Zumba, and predictably we failed to win the quiz again too, with our usual 13/20.  Even though I relaxed my economical web usage by doing a bit of catching up on a couple of websites, I still had a balance of over 400 minutes from the 1,000 we started with.  Composing off line is one good reason for taking a laptop on a cruise, even though the extra 3kgs makes it a bit awkward though only at the beginning and end of the trip.
Breakfast may not have been light, but lunch was, though the pastry chefs excelled themselves once again, now that normal food service has returned. 
On leaving we saw Alex & Terri playing table tennis so we joined them.  I am not too keen on doubles, but we did have some laughs  – especially when I smacked my left hand against the table when trying to get to one of Paula’s demon cross table smashes.  Others were still catching a bit of fresh air but no chance of a sun tan.
Our final afternoon quiz was once again in the crowded Wheelhouse Bar – well, in the corridor anyway.  At least we were consistent, with another 13/20!  We have decided that we need to brush up on Roman and Greek mythology.
A determined spell of packing and putting out the case for collection took up the remainder of the afternoon.  Apart from the Alaskan jacket and a book, plus a pile of Princess Patter’s, I haven’t bought much on this trip.
Our final evening meal was the full 7 of us and the the famous bomb Alaska parade, then on to singer comedian, Dan Riley.  He also played a mean guitar.  Another good entertainer.
We made our way to the atrium for our farewells, with rather heavy hearts, as we have once again made extra friends there.  Never a pleasant experience saying au Revoir and we now have our fingers crossed that Alana and Alan will be on next year’s cruise, but several of our new friends will be on next year.  That is the great thing about cruising on the same ships from the same area, you keep making new friends. 
On returning to the cabin, 2 black cards awaited us, signifying we have hit the top of the loyalty system.  Not really much use on this cruise now, but at least any future cruises have us on the top status – until such time as they lift the qualifying level anyway and create a new one.
So that is it as far as the cruise goes, but with two days in San Francisco to look forward to, the trip (and the blog) isn’t yet over.
Bed 12:15 and to our last sleep on the Dawn for a while.   

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