Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 43 - Cruising Yakutat Bay with ice - Sep 5th

Once again, a poor night, not helped by the ship moving around rather a lot as it battled 50mph winds.  Paula had taken a sea sickness pill and slept really well!  I was wide awake from 2:45am to well after 5am, then totally crashed until 10:30!  With quizzing at 10:45, we arrived just as they were repeating the first question, but Gayle had it well in hand.  In fact, Gayle did us proud and we were just two points behind the winners who managed 17.

Too late then for breakfast, we had a light lunch!  We then headed for the cabin to await our scenic cruise up to the face of the Hubbard Glacier.  Once out on deck, there were passengers (and a few crew) well wrapped up to keep out the chill.  Never having been up close to a glacier before, what greeted us was staggering.  Not the gentle run down to the water’s edge we expected, but 80ft high cliffs of ice that every so often would rumble and crack, as another slab of ice crashed into the water.  We also learned that far from being pure water, melted glacier ice would contain all sorts of stuff you really wouldn’t want to drink.  Rather than glacial water, we made do with a plate of hot chips – and very nice they were too.

The captain took us surprisingly close to the ice face before executing a very slow three point turn and out again to open water, en route to Sitka tomorrow.

Rommel’s afternoon trivia was a multi-media event based on Broadway shows, where our lack of musical knowledge had us down with a such a low score that we daren’t even swap our paper!

Once again we went to the early show and this time Lee Bayliss did the magic and con trick part of his show, rather than just comedy.   I just love these pickpocket types who can remove a guy’s watch, belt and wallet without them noticing  a thing!  His magic and mind reading tricks were well executed too.

Dinner was a full house (other than Mick of course, who was still in transit to the UK) and afterwards, we headed back to the vista lounge for yet another excellent show.  This time, it was ventriloquist Don Bryan. With two props (and old gent and an old lady) , he was really good and remotely operated the old lady whilst holding the old man.  We thoroughly enjoyed both shows and both performers.  Fortunately Don has another show tomorrow night.

As Paula slept so well  on a sea sickness pill, I thought I’d try one tonight and with an 11:15 bed time, we’ll just see if it helps.

Just a week to go now for us and we are back to a NZ spring – which is probably a lot warmer than it was today.


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