Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yet another cruise blog - starting shortly...

Time now to look forward to the Pacific rim cruise, back on the wonderful Dawn Princess.  Our trip starts July 26th with a night in Sydney before setting off for Darwin (yes, again...), our first port of call, before hitting the east.  We have been to one or two ports before but who cares?  It will be winter in NZ and we’ll be missing most of it, though as this is written (Saturday June 16th), it is rather nippy and having been away last year, we have forgotten how cool winter can be, even though we don't even get snow in these parts.

I doubt there will be too much to add before we set off, as this is mainly a travel blog, but knows?
We are really looking forward to travelling again with locals Mal & Meg and catching up with several couples we met at dance classes last year, who made our atrium evenings so enjoyable.  Fortunately, we have ace dance teacher Alana on board again with brother Alan on keyboards and vocals, for the evening entertainment.
Our Cruise Director once again is Warren Smith so we know that there will be some silliness - we certainly hope so, as we gather that Princess wants the on board daily "Wake Show" to be a bit more serious - but why?
Having done back to back cruises at the end of last year, we fully expect that many of the Australian based guest entertainers will be back - and probably with the same acts as before.  Deep joy.  We have now seen some of these acts no less than 3 times, so hopefully, they will have incorporated some new material.
Blog comments are always welcome so all you have to do is sign up and register as a follower.  It is always great to get feedback, though the stats displayed at the side show where most site visitors are based - which may be of help to me.
Fortunately, with a few days at sea between some ports, I hope we'll be able to keep roughly up to date.


  1. I'm the first follower! Which probably just shows where I spend my time on the net :) I was actually about to look up ports for my next half world cruise next year.....say hi to Meg and Malcolm for Katie and I and have a wonderful trip. Last years cruise which I thought would be my one and only has a lot to answer for.

  2. hi Ray & Paula
    Diane and myself are looking forward to your up and coming pacific rim cruise as we would like to do the pacific rim or another world cruise that we had so much fun doing back in 2010
    we have managed to book a New Zealand cruise on the sea princess on the 3rd December
    and looking forward to seeing more of New Zealand

    keep the good work up as we enjoy following your blogs
    george & Diane

  3. Thanks for that. You set the bar very high in 2010!
    Most of our 2011 table buddies are doing the Sydney - Venice - Sydney trip in 2013. I think 8/10 from our table.

    Your brilliant Darwin report was repeated and relayed many times, both on and off the ship.